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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Long Time no Post...

*Warning picture overload*
So I know that it has been FOREVER since I last updated the blog, so sorry to the two people who actually look at this thing, lol. I have just been a slacker and didn't think I had anything to write about. Then I remembered that I did have some news I could share. SO..... my little sister is getting MARRIED!!!! She is marrying a great guy named Tim Ellertson who is from Provo. They will be getting married May 8,2010 in the Ogden Utah Temple. We are very happy for them and Olivia is excited for the veil (which she is obsessed with). Also my bestest friend Melissa is getting married next year on February 19, 2011. I'm am supper excited for I get to be one of her bridesmaid, YAY!!! Although that does mean that I have to loose a few, or alot, of pounds. Other than that life has been pretty normal. Well as normal as our life can be.

Sophie is still on oxygen, but she is actually able the last couple of days to be on room air while she is awake. We are hoping that the steroids are finally working and maybe (knock on wood) in the near future she can be off the oxygen. She is now 9 months old, I have know idea where the time has gone, Oh wait yes I do its been driving her back and forth to doctors appointments. She is a doll, she is soooo much fun and has the cutest cheesy grins. She isn't crawling yet but can scoot around in a circle pretty well. She is always so happy and just loves to interact with people. She gets supper excited when we put her in her car seat, and usually will be asleep within five minutes of being in the car. She loves to sit in her high chair and eat food and is pretty good about trying anything. She is a joy and we love having her in our family.

Olivia, is well Olivia. I don't know I think three is has been a rough year for her and ME. But the laughter she brings into our home is so special. Lately she has been into asking questions, and I mean LOTS of questions. Going on car rides with her used to be quite, now she will talk the whole time. She exhausts Damon and I, and usually by 7 pm we are soo glad that it is bedtime for her that we can't get her up there fast enough. She is in Primary now in church and loves her Sunbeams class. Only problem is because of Sophie we don't go very often because I don't take Sophie with us. So unless my parents are here visiting or if for some strange reason Damon might have the day off, she really doesn't get to go every Sunday. Last week though we were able to take her and she gave her first talk in Primary. It was sooooo cute. I was so nervous for her but she did great. She has no fear when it comes to public speaking (unlike her mother). They were announcing who was going to give the scripture and the talk, and she heard them say her name so she just gets up and runs to the microphone. It was hilarious and great. I was laughing and crying all at the same time. Oh and she pretty much had her talk memorized. So proud of her.
That about sums up what we have been doing. I will definitely not let it go so long before I update this thing again.

All of us out to dinner at Tucanos for my birthday.
Megan and Tim.
Sophie eating in her bumbo with her cheesy grin.
Olivia's first fat lip.
At the Kangaroo Zoo.
Sophie with her nebulizer, one of the many trusty medical equipment we have at our house.

She loves to roll over like this and fall asleep.

Playing with Grandad.

Picture from this morning. Playing on the floor.