“Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.” ~Gillian Anderson

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Girls..

Olivia is doing so good with Sophie. She really loves being a big sister. Last night we were all lying in bed together and Olivia says "baby sister is my best friend in the whole world." It was so cute. I really hope she feels that way when they are both in high school fighting over using the bathroom, right Emma and Megan, lol. I feel so blessed though to have to beautiful girls. Even with all the fights me and my sisters have been through, and trust me there have been many, I wouldn't trade them for any other siblings. I really hope that Olivia and Sophie have the relationships that me and my sisters have now.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Olivia's hair has been driving me nuts lately. It is always in her face, and always looks dirty to me. It constantly has knots and she screams so bad when I brush her hair to get them out, and yes I do use detangler spray to get them out. Well today we went to the grocery store and there was this little girl her age that had the cutest little bob. After seeing her I decided that thats what I was going to do with Olivia's hair. So we came home and I gave her a haircut, thats the great thing about being a hairdresser I can do things like that, now if I could only figure out how to cut my own hair I would be set. I think the cut is super cute on her, and it is drying in a really nice style. So glad I did it. Here some pictures mainly for the family so they can see how cute she looks. Also a picture of Olivia and Sophie from this morning before Olivia's haircut.


Damon didn't have school on Monday so we decided to have a family day and go to the zoo. Megan was able to come with us, as she also didn't have school. Olivia was so excited about going, and had a great time. We made sure that she had a great time and let her do all the fun things that she wanted. One of her favorite attractions was the monkeys. She loved them and thought they were so fun to watch. In one area there was this orangutan who was just sitting by the window. He was so cute and so big. We just stood there watching him forever. It really seemed like he wanted to communicate with us. Olivia also loved the carousel. She loves those. She was on the tiger, and at one point when she went past us she roared, it was so cute. Sophie did fantastic during the trip, and pretty much slept the entire time in her sling. She is such a snoozer. It was a great day to be out the weather was so nice. We did remember to do sunscreen, but I forgot to do my arms so they are a little burnt. By the end of the day we were all exhausted and Olivia was fast asleep in about two minutes that we were on the road. Apparently everyone else in the salt lake valley had the same idea that we had, because it was packed we had to park about a mile away from the zoo parking lot. For being so busy though, it didn't feel that cramped in the zoo. We just had a great time.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Poor Sophie has had quite the week. First my parents brought Olivia home this week, so all of Sophie's undisturbed sleep is now getting disturbed quite frequently. You can't blame Olivia though, she just wants to give some love to her little sister. Second, Sophie had her two week check up on Wednesday. I was a little concerned that she probably wasn't back up to birth weight and I was right. She weighed 7lbs5oz and she should have been 8lbs if not more. So we have had to start supplementing her with 2oz of formula at every feeding. We had to do this with Olivia also, I just don't produce enough milk for my kiddos. I still nurse her at every feeding, but we do the bottle first so we know for sure that she is getting something. Third, at this appointment they checked her Billi Reuben(jaundice) to see what level she was at. She had been slightly elevated when we left the hospital, and she was looking pretty yellow, especially in the eyes. Sure enough she was at a 15 which is pretty high, so they sent us the blanket to put her on. Poor girl though because it was high we went in the next two days after her appointment for them to check it some more. So she had to get her little heels pricked. She does really good though. The Billi Reuben(spelling) has gone down so we know that the blanket is working. We have had a good week though, the formula is plumbing her up in two days she went from 7lb5oz to 7lb13oz. We have a appointment for her on Tuesday and she should be back up to birth weight. If that is the case I then can ease of how much formula I give her and nurse her more. We are so glad to have Olivia back with us, we forgot just how noisy she can be though :)

Enjoy the pictures, one is of Sophie on her Billi Reuben blanket, and then the rest are just some cute ones from the last couple of weeks.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby announcement

My sister Emma made the baby announcement for me. I think it is so cute and turned out so good.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Week Old...

I can't believe that Sophie is already a week old. She is doing really good, eating like a champ and letting you know really well when she wants to eat meaning screaming her lungs off when she's hungry. She sure is cute though.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Olivia's Birthday

So Olivia's birthday was on the 7th and seeing how I had just had a baby I was still in the hospital, so we celebrated on Friday when we were all home. This girl really lucked out this year, actually I think she lucks out every year with Gaga and Nanny. Anyways she was very excited this year to get a cake and a bike. My mom and I looked everywhere to find her a good quality bike, we didn't want to spend so many dollars on something that really didn't look that stable. I remembered that there is a bike shop by our local grocery store so we went there to see what he had. We found the cutest bike for her. Its a pink tricycle that's all metal with some wood and it has a bell. Olivia loves it! She also got Cinderella dress up clothes from Auntie Megs which she was so excited for. I can't believe that Olivia is 3, she really is becoming quite the little girl. We are now past the baby/toddler phase and going into little girl territory. She is such a delight to our family. We love her to pieces and couldn't imagine what life would be like without her. As you know this week she is with my parents in Oregon. The house is so quite, at night Damon and I joke that this must what it is like when all your kids are grown up. Luckily Sophie doesn't let it stay quite for to long.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Just a quick note to tell my mom and my sister happy mothers day and how wonderful they are.
My mom is the best and I love her so much for her example of love that she is always showing me. I know that if I ever need anything she will always be there for me. Love ya mom. My sister is a great mother and I'm so glad that we have been able to become closer as sisters because of our daughters. Emma is so kind and patient with her daughter and is always willing to offer me some really good advice. I'm so glad that I have these two wonderful women in my life to offer me support. Love You!

Also Happy Mothers Day to my amazing mother-in-law and my wonderful sisiter-in -laws and for the fine example you show me of being mothers. Hope you have a great day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We're Home...

So she's here and home with us. We came home Friday morning after two nights in the hospital. She seems to be doing really good, and sleeps a ton, I have forgotten how much newborns will sleep. She is so tiny and is barely ever not being held because we all just love to snuggle her. Everything went really well in the hospital, we went in at 7:30a.m. and they started me on an iv of antibiotics and then at 9:30 the doctor came in and broke my water and then they started me on the pitocin to get the contractions going. I don't know what time I got an epidural, all I know is that it was awesome, so much better than the one I got in Lakeview with Olivia. By 2:00 p.m., the nurse came in to check me and I was at a 8, she than had me roll over to my other side because that sometimes helps, well I did that instantly started getting really quick and hard contractions. The nurse was gone for about 4 minutes and I had Damon call her and she came back to check me and I was at a 10. So she quickly called the doctor and he got there in about 15 minutes. There was a point where I thought that I might not be able to wait for him, luckily he made it just in time. Now I don't really tell people how easy it is for me to have babies, because I feel bad for the moms that have a really hard time, but I am really blessed with the fact that having babies is very easy for me. I only pushed for about 5-10 minutes or about 4 pushes. Damon says I didn't even break a sweat. Sophie was here very quickly . She is so cute and Olivia loves her. Surprisingly Olivia is doing really well. Sophie was born on the 6th, so we did get our 5th-anniversary, 6th-Sophie's birthday, and 7th-Olivia's birthday. We gave Olivia a charm bracelet from Sophie for her birthday and she was very happy about that.

My parents went back to Lakeview today and they took Olivia with them for the week, just so I can have all this week to really recover. I was a little nervous at first simply because the longest I've been away from Olivia has only been a day. But I know she will be fine and is so excited to go on a long date with Nanny and Grandad.

All in all we are doing wonderful, just trying to adjust to now having two gorgeous little girls. We feel very blessed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome Sohpie Kate!

This is Emma, Sian's sister, reporting that both baby and mommy are doing well.

Sophie Kate Bell
Born at 2:21 pm today
8 pounds even
20 inches long
lots of dark hair

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary Damon!

Today is mine and Damon's anniversary. We've been married 4 years. I was telling him today that out of those 4 years I've been pregnant 2 of them.

Its been a wonderful 4 years Damon and I can't wait for the rest them. Thank you for being such a loving and understanding husband. Your such a great husband and father. Olivia and I are so lucky. I love you and can't wait for the many years to come.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Date is SET!

Yup that's right, my doctor has set a date for my induction. I had an appointment this morning, and my blood pressure was up and I had protein. My doctor said that he is so fed up with my up and down blood pressure that he said on WEDNESDAY I can go in to be induced. I was so excited I could have kissed him, instead I kissed Damon, haha. The doctor checked me and I'm 3 % dilated and 50% effaced so he was really pleased about that. I'm just happy that the end is in sight. I don't know what time yet I will be going in to the hospital, they said they would call, all I know is that it is on Wednesday. This does mean though that this baby will either be born on the 6th, hopefully, or the 7th. The 7th already being Olivia's birthday. At least it won't be born on the 5th our anniversary. May is sure a busy month for us. I'm so excited though, I just want to have this little girl already, I really don't like being pregnant. My mom flew in last night after leaving for the weekend, and my dad is coming down on Wednesday, so miss Olivia will get lots of attention. Anyway that's the latest news, oh and here is a my last prego picture for this pregnancy, taken today I'm 37 weeks, will be 38 on Wednesday. The other picture is of my mom and Livi having fun today.

Oh and I'm measuring 39 weeks, so I think I might have a big little baby, AAHHH!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We had a fun night last night at the hospital. Yet again no baby. I was having some pretty bad headaches yesterday, they really didn't concern me, the thing that did concern me was that I started having really sharp pains in my upper stomach on my right side. My doctor has told me to look out for that because it can mean I am having liver problems. So we headed to the hospital. They hooked me up to the monitor, monitored my blood pressure(which was great, of course) and took some blood to get some lab work. Everything came back perfect, so they sent us home. I told Damon as we were leaving that I am not coming back to the hospital, unless I know that I am going to be having this baby. We are pretty tired of going there once a week. I have a doctor appt. on Monday, and hopefully I can convince him to set a induction date. I really hate this waiting game. It would be one thing if everything had been fine this whole pregnancy but being told that if I have any pains in my head that don't go away, blurry vision, more swelling, upper stomach pain, on top of normal pregnancy pains that I need to head to the hospital, can get a little old. I don't complain to much because I would rather be safe then sorry.