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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nauvoo, IL

Nauvoo was probably my favorite stop we did on our trip across country. The spirit in this town is amazing, and some of the stories I heard while there is something I will soon not forget. When we first arrived at Nauvoo we thought we would just spend a few hours in the town and then be on our way. After arriving there though we soon realized that we needed at least a day there to make it worthwhile. There is so much to do there in the summer months that you could easily spend 5 days there. We were lucky to actually know a Sister Missionary who is serving in there right now, she is from my dads ward. So we looked her up and she gave us a personal tour.  Some of my favorite moments from our stay there, was hearing Olivia after seeing the Nauvoo Temple for the first time exclaim how that is where she is going to get married. Going on three different wagon rides and each time Sophie would fall asleep, they were the best. Then on one wagon ride they asked if there was any Welsh decedents, which obviously we are, seeing how that is where my parents grew up, they than asked us to sing them a song, funny, good thing my dad and I have good voices, lol.  I'm so grateful we were able to stop there along our way, I left with an even greater appreciation for all that the pioneers did and sacrificed for us.

After Nauvoo we drove about 20 minutes and stopped at Carthage Jail, where Joseph Smith was martyred. It was a very spiritual, reverent place, unfortunately my children were not being so well behaved at that stop. It probably isn't the best place to take a 5 and 2 year old too. I am so very grateful for all that Joseph Smith did for us, and I'm glad that I was able to go to the jail and pay my respects.

After we left Carthage Jail we then drove for about 15 more minutes and stopped at the house of one of the missionaries who taught my parents.  I had never met him before and it was great to be able to thank him for teaching my parents the Gospel.  It was fun to hear him and my dad catch up and talk about people they both know.   
I highly recommend that if you ever get the chance you must stop in Nauvoo and do the tours.  It really is such a neat place. 

Nauvoo Temple, where Olivia wants to get married.
Olivia with Sister Miller, waiting to go on a wagon ride.
The mansion house where Joseph and his family lived.

This must have been before Sophie fell asleep, not long before though.
John Taylor's home
Statue of Joseph and his brother Hyrum outside of Carthage Jail
The window that the Prophet Joseph fell out of
The original door with the bullet holes

Carthage Jail