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Monday, April 15, 2013

One Month

Owen is technically almost two months but I need to show pictures of his first month. His first month of life was much harder than most newborns but he sailed through it like a champ. We are loving having him in our home, he is such a sweetheart and deals pretty well with the thousands of kisses he gets daily from his sisters, and that is no exaggeration!! He has had his post op appointment and they were so pleased with how well everything was looking, yay!! He is quite a good eater and is slowly putting on the pounds. He was also able to get off oxygen at his appointment, so that was a relief, don't want two kids on it.  We are just in awe of this little guy and the strong spirit he brings with him!!
Looking all so cute in his one month onesie.
Olivia LOVES to hold Owen and is a big help with him!
Snuggles with Grandad, I think they are going to be best buds!
Showing off his scar, which is looking SO good!!
Sophie in a rare moment of not smothering him, lol!
Two kids snoozing and one being quite, awe peace!!