“Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.” ~Gillian Anderson

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

So today is my amazing husband Damon's birthday. He is 27 today so to celebrate I thought I would list 27 reasons why I love you!

1. You always put me and the girls first.
2. You are a VERY patient man.
3. You are a worthy Priesthood holder, and you take that responsibility very serious.
4. You like my cooking (well for the most part).
5. You have a great testimony of the Gospel and you are not shy to share it.
6. You always know how to cheer me up :).
7. You are working so hard right now to get done with school, so you can make our life better.
8. You (unless you aren't there) like to put Olivia to bed.
9. You love that you have two little girls.
10. You are always so encouraging when I want to try something new.
11. You wanted to marry me in the Temple, and we did.
12. You love to travel, and can't wait till we can take our kids all over the world.
13. You are a hard worker.
14. You take Olivia out to the park or to the store just so I can have a little peace and quite.
15. You used to come to all my swim meats when I was coaching, even though I knew they were boring for you.
16. You always make sure that you spend at least one hour a day with just me and the girls, even though I know half the time you should really be studying.
17. You always come with me to get blood drawn, cause you know how much I hate that.
18. If I'm mad at you, you make me hug you until I'm not anymore.
19. You still like to tease me.
20. Your knowledge about the Gospel amazes me.
21. You let me drive the newer car and you drive the clunker, even though you do more driving.
22. You will watch chick flicks with me(except Twilight, because you couldn't stand that movie).
23. You will do the dishes if I ask, and not complain.
24. You served a mission, and want us to serve one together.
25. You don't laugh(at least not too loud) when I am being goofy with Olivia and we are either dancing around the house or singing.
26. You think I'm beautiful and you tell me.
27. But the most important thing I love about you is that you fell in love with me when I was 16 and you have never looked back.

I love you honey!

Friday, December 18, 2009


My mom said to me yesterday that I haven't posted anything on Sophie for a week so I thought I better let you know how she is doing. She is doing much better, in fact as I am typing this she is sleeping in her hospital room breathing room air. She hasn't done that in 2 MONTHS! Her stats are good. So this last week she had another ct scan to see how the lungs were doing and they have improved. We are pretty sure that the steroids she is taking are helping with that. She has had more blood taken the last couple of day for more testing, but so far they have all come back negative. She has been having some really runny diapers so they are watching that to make sure she doesn't get dehydrated. We were hoping that maybe that she could go home today but most likely it will be tomorrow, unless she gets too dehydrated. We are so happy though that she is getting better. She will have to go home with some medicine, but hopefully that will only be for a few more weeks. Thank you everyone for all your prayers, they have helped us stay calm during this stressful time and they have helped Sophie get better. Oh and the doctors still aren't quite sure what made her sick they are thinking that it was a viral infection.

Friday, December 11, 2009


So here is a quick update on Sophie. She is still at Primary's Children Hospital, not quite sure on how long we will be here. She has tons of tests done so they can try and figure out what is wrong. We have two lung specialists who are husband and wife, we have a team of 3 doctors who are also working with her. So she had an echo done on her heart, it showed that her heart was fine, which is a relief. Yesterday they did an bronchi scope, which means they went done her airway with a scope and then took some of the fluid that is in her lungs. The tests for that have all come back negative. She also had a cat scan on her lungs and a live x-ray where she swallowed some chalky stuff and then they watch it go down, the point of this is that they wanted to see if there are any tears or holes in her esophagus. All of those tests can back fine. Sophie has all the doctors a little stumped as to what is the matter. Obviously there is something wrong, she can't be without oxygen and she breathes really fast. So the lung specialist wants us to try a acid reflux medicine to see if that will help with the liquid in her lungs. Also they are going to start a short trial of steroids, to see if that might help her breathing and maybe develop the lungs a little more. SO that is where we are at right now, if this stuff doesn't work we (meaning Damon and I plus doctors) will start discussing doing a lung biopsy. I'll keep you all updated, sorry no pictures, I've been a little pre-occupied :).

Monday, December 7, 2009

Primary Childrens Hospital..

So this morning we wake up to some snow, Damon and Livi go out and shovel it (I'll post photos of that later). When Damon came back in, I was trying to get Sophie's oxygen stats, and I couldn't get it to go above 84, so Damon took over the reigns and he couldn't get it any higher either. We raised her oxygen level and waited about 15 minutes and checked it again and it still wouldn't go higher, at that point we are thinking that the machine we have must not be working well so we decide that we better take her into our doctors office just to be safe. We take her in and they can't get a reading higher than 85, not good. So the doctor decides that he wants to do an x-ray on her. Well the x-ray comes back and shows that it could be a few things, pneumonia, respiratory virus, or maybe even something to do with her heart. Well we bump up her oxygen and again and see that her stats aren't getting better. So Damon and I decide that we better take her to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. That is where we are now, Sophie has been admitted, and tomorrow they are going to do a echo gram of her heart to make sure that is working properly and we will go from there. I am assuming that she will be having lots of tests done, but hopefully we will be able to figure out exactly why she just can't get off the oxygen. I will keep you all updated, the hospital has wireless so I have a laptop here. Hopefully in the next couple of days we will have some good news.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well I thought that I would give you all a quick update on Sophie. She is still on oxygen, I think we are going on our 8th week now. The pneumonia is all cleared up and has been for awhile, but she just can't seem to get of the oxygen. She had a doctors appt. on Friday for her sixth month checkup which she is seven months today so we were a little behind, and everything looks really good with her, but because she can't get of the oxygen we are getting an appt. with a pediatric lung specialist. Hopefully we can get her into that appt. before Christmas so we can figure out what is going on. All in all she is a happy little girl who likes to be entertained. She loves to smile and stick her tongue out which is so cute, I have yet to capture it though. Olivia can really get her laughing which is adorable, I love that they both just love each other so much. Sophie is always looking for her sister and Olivia is always willing to play with her. Sophie isn't crawling or anything yet, she can roll over and has almost mastered sitting up. She does really good with her oxygen tube, it really has come in handy sometimes as a toy for her, she loves to chew on the tubing. Its kind of sad that her favorite toy is a oxygen tube. Sophie has been eating some solid food for a couple weeks now, and she is doing pretty good at it. Most of the time though she just gets so distracted by her sister that she really doesn't eat that much. We sure do love having her in our family though, and are just praying that we will figure out what is going on and that she will be over it quickly.

Temple Square...

We had the opportunity to go and see the lights at Temple Square the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It was so beautiful and pretty busy. We walked around for a couple of hours and then headed back home. I love going to Temple Square at Christmastime with all the beautiful lights, it is such a special experience to be there.