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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Yes I know that it is almost Christmas and I'm just now blogging about Halloween, but I had to show some of the fun we did over Halloween. The Saturday before we went to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point, it was our first time going there and it was so much fun! They had so many things for the girls to do. On Halloween we had a neighbor BBQ on our driveway we used one of our neighbors fire pits so we could all stay nice and warm. Then we combined all our candy and took turns who handed it out. We have the best neighbors and we like to get together often and have bbq's and parties. I however was lame and didn't take any pictures of it. Also on Halloween Olivia got to wear her costume to school and they do a Kindergarten parade and all the kids walk by in their costumes, there was one little boy who didn't have his on and it was so sad, poor kid. Olivia was Rapunzel this year, of course and Sophie was a cow, she had a sign saying "Eat More Chicken" like the Chick-Fil-A ads but would not keep it on. Okay that is a quick wrap up of our fun filled Halloween weekend! Sorry for the picture overload, there were just to many cute ones to choose from.

I love these girls SO much, they are so darn cute!
My cute family!
Love this photo!
My hand looks huge in this photo, weird camera angle.
Such a cheese ball!
Wouldn't be a ride if Olivia didn't get scared at some point!
Maze fun!
Jumping on these huge pillow bounce things!

So they had these forts all over and you could by them.  They had boats, airplanes, truck, helicopters, they were really neat!

My kids are obsessed with face painting and we have to do it every time!

Carving our pumpkins, Olivia only did it for about 5 minutes and then was done.  She hated the feel of the guts!

Posing with the pumpkins

The cutest cow I've ever seen!
Look at all the kids dressed up so cute!
Here's Rapunzel!