“Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.” ~Gillian Anderson

Saturday, May 26, 2012


So I'm sure that most of you know that my girls birthdays are a day apart. Sophie turned 3 on May 6th and Olivia turned 6 on May 7th. I'm glad we never planned it that way because I would say we were crazy. It is so much work having kids birthdays that close together, and we didn't even do parties this year. Olivia had a birthday party last year and we have told her that she only gets a party every other year, Sophie is to young to care, yay! Well since we didn't do parties we just invited over the neighbors and had cake and ice cream one evening, it was great. I also didn't go crazy with gifts either, I figure my kids have enough stuff. Olivia did though get her ears pierced, she was not very brave and cried quite a bit, but I wasn't expecting anything else from her. She is very sensitive sometimes.  I got creative this year and actually made their cakes, thank you pinterest for the ideas.  Sophie had a caterpillar cake and Olivia's was an ice cream cone of 6 cupcakes for being 6.  I was really glad with how they turned out.

I can't believe that I have a 6 and 3 year old, where has the time gone.  They are growing up so fast!  I love that I have two girls who really are the sweetest things.  They definitely have their moments, but they are genuinely sweet girls.  They love being with me and sometimes I wish that I could have 2 minutes to go to the bathroom alone, but I love that they just want to be with me.  I'm sure I will miss that someday, or maybe not, lol!   Damon and I are so grateful for the wonderful girls we have been given, we feel very blessed.  Love them!!!

My girls love being sang too.  Funny girls!
Olivia blowing out her candles, Sophie not quite sure what to do.
Girls with the neighbor kids.
Me with my sweethearts on Mother's day which was just a week after their birthdays.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cousin Time!!!!

We were SO lucky to have my older sister Emma and her family come and spend two weeks with us. It went by way to fast and I wish they were all still here. We had tons of fun hanging out and letting the kids trash my basement.

Emma and I were able to go to Women's Conference together and that was wonderful. It was my third time going and Emma's first. We want to try and go every year together. It is such a great conference with so many wonderful speakers.

Olivia and Betty played so well together, it makes me wish we lived closer to each other so they could play together more often.
Here are some pictures of the fun we had together.  

Riding on the train down to SLC.
Emma and Steve look happy, Oscar not so much.  Probably just got mad at me for talking to him, lol.
Sophie and Iris, zonked out on the train on the ride home.
Olivia sitting on a elephant trunk at the zoo.
Both Sophie and Oscar mad at me for asking to take their picture.
Damon and Sophie.
Finally Oscar will smile for me!!
Olivia and Betty!
Iris giving me her cute scrunched up smile.
This is the face Betty gave me when I told her to give me a big smile!!

Can't wait till we can see the whole Johns' clang again, hopefully  it will be sooner than a year!!!