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Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Fun

Well I figured since summer is over for us here in Utah and I better blog about what we did these last couple of months. I feel like summer has flown by and that we did nothing, but I guess we did actually have quite a few visitors.
Two of Damon's brothers and their families came and visited us and different times, so that was fun, the girls always like playing with their cousins.
 What took up most of our time this summer was driving back and forth to swim lessons. Olivia did a total of 6 weeks of lessons, and seemed to have improved quite a bit by the end and was even diving. She is a little fish and loves to be in the water.
 I also signed Sophie up for the last swim session, she loved it and it was cute to watch her float around. We will definitely be doing swim lessons again next year. Other having some family visiting, I feel like we really didn't do that much, but we did have a fun summer and are sad to say goodbye to it.
The girls with cousin's Megan and Alyssa
Olivia getting ready to dive
and she's in!!
Olivia coming up to breathe.
Sophie blowing some bubbles.
Dancing on the side of the pool

Time to jump in, I just love her cute little bum in a swim suit.
Sophie jumping away at jump on it.
Jumping with cousin Miles
The girls with another set of cousins: Julia, Miles, and Noah.
All the kids showing of their balloon animals/mermaids that they got at City Creek Mall for free too. That place is awesome!
Visiting Temple Square.