“Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.” ~Gillian Anderson

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So Damon found the camera, which was so great because I could not find it anywhere. Here are some photos of Livi going swimming this last weekend. Damon isn't sure how he feels about her wearing a bikini, but we got this as a gift when she was born and it was the only swimwear that fits her right then. I think it is just adorable with her little belly skicking out. Hope you enjoy the photos. I think Livi is going to be quite the swimmer.


so i know it has been awhile since i have posted, but i really have had nothing to talk about. my birthday was good, i went to the movies with my mom and saw P.S. I Love You, I thought it was a cute movie but I liked the book alot more. That is always how it is though. Damon and I also went and saw 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigle, I loved that movie I thought it was so cute. We went to Klamath Falls on Presedent's Day weekend and spent the night at the Shilo, that was a alot of fun. They have a really nice pool there so Livi got to do some swimming. I have decided that she has defenitly got my side of the families genes for swimming, she loves it, and she kicks her feet and puts her head in to try and blow bubbles it was so cute. Other than that I have just been trying to keep my house clean and get long over due projects done with the house. Tomorrow we are leaving to go to Rexburg and then Utah so if you don't hear from me for awhile again that is why. Damon has applied to go to school at BYU-Idaho, so we are going up tomorow and taking a look at campus and the town. Since I went to school there I have an idea where everything is but I don't know where married housing is. We don't know if he has been accepted yet but were really hoping we are. Well hope everyone has a good week. I was going to put some pictures of Livi swimming up, put I have seemed to have misplaced my camera at the moment.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Olivia absolutly love blueberries. She loves them so much that you are not allowed to say the word around her unless you have some to give to her, otherwise she will get pretty upset. The best part about her loving them is getting her to say the word blueberry, it is so funny. Here is a little video of her trying to say it.

Monday, February 4, 2008


So this is what we woke up to on Sunday, the first two pictures are showing you how much snow fell off our roof. There was so much snow that you couldn't even get into our house. I am starting to feel a little clausdropedic here, snow is is just everywhere. Poor Damon was out all day shoveling and plowing driveways all over town. I really hope that it will just stop snowing, but I think we are suppossed to get even more. UGGG!

Friday, February 1, 2008

snow pictures...

so thursday it snowed so much here, the most snow i think i have ever seen here. it was snowing so much that i was actually getting worried that we were going to run out of food and not be able to leave the house for days. luckily it stopped today so i was able to make it to the store to stock up on food just in case we do get stuck. i defenitly think though that we can start hoping for the warm sun to melt it all away, i am so sick of the snow.

for my parents..

okay this is a video of livi, i was trying to get her to dance but it didn't work out like i planned, still cute though.