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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Disney Land

So after Owens heart surgery in March, Damon and I started talking about how in the summer we really wanted to do a memorable trip for the kids. We started looking and saw with my parents timeshare that there was a three day opening at Disney Land, we booked it! So right in the beginning of June we made a quick surprise trip to Disney Land, my parents were also able to come so that was great to have extra hands to watch the kids. We didn't tell the girls where we were going until we got there, they thought we were just going to the beach. At first they didn't believe us, and I don't think they started to get really excited until we were taking the bus to the park. Since it was such a quick trip we only did the park for one day, but it was by far the best Disney experience we have ever had. The lines for the rides were short, it didn't seem to crowded and the weather was perfect. Actually the longest we had to wait was 45 minutes and that was to meet Rapunzel, which was Sophie's favorite thing of the whole trip. Doing Disney though is SO much more fun when you have kids! I loved seeing the girls faces, it really made the whole experience magical. I'm so glad we were finally able to go, especially when they still believe in the princesses and fairies.
I love Sophie's face in this, pure excitement riding up to the park!
We are finally here!
Meeting Goofy!
On the Pirates of the Caribean ride, which scared Sophie!
Meeting Tiana

I love this photo of Sophie, she was in awe that she was finally meeting Tangled, as she calls her.
Disney Land is exhausting, out cold waiting to ride Dumbo.
Owen tried really hard to pull that sword out!
Sitting with Grandad waiting for the parade to start.