“Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.” ~Gillian Anderson

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I can't believe that it is almost the new year, time has really flown by. Well we had a great Christmas, nothing to big, which is nice, just spending time with my parents and little sister. Olivia really did quite well with some gifts from the grandparent, the big hit was the doll stroller she got she loves it. I'll have to get photos of her playing with it later. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a very happy new year. The little girl with Livi on the sofa is Maile, Livi's friend from church. Maile is smiling, she thinks that's how you do it, so cute.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Damon!

So today is Damon's birthday and he is 25! WOOHOO we can rent a car now. So I planned this great dinner for his birthday, it all started out pretty good. I got a pot boiling with some water and put in some potatoes to boil. Well when Damon came home from work I had to run to the store to get some stuff I needed for the dinner. I forgot to tell Damon about the potatoes that were boiling. I open the door calling for him to help me carry in groceries, but I am quickly distracted by smoke that I am smelling. I ask Damon whats smoking, he hadn't even smelled it. He goes and looks in the kitchen and sees that my potatoes had run out of water and are burnt to the bottom of the pan. I was not very happy about it and it was totally my fault. I had no idea that could even happen. Oh well, I just started all over and made a very yummy dinner without that mishap. My parents got quite that kick out of it. Damon did have a great birthday though.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well I know it has been a long time since the last post. We have been so busy though, I think the closer it gets to Christmas the crasier it gets. Olivia and I had a great time going to Wales. It was great seeing my grandparents. The picture of Livi with the little girl and boy that is Grace and James they are my cousin Chris's kids. Aren't they so cute. The church picture, was the church my grandparents were married in. Then there is a picture of Livi and I with my grandad(that is my dad's dad), and my nanny(my mom's mom).

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I'm leaving on a jet plane..

Okay so if you don't see any posts from me in the next couple of weeks its because I'll be in England (actually Wales) visiting the relatives. Olivia and I are getting to go with my parents on their anual trip over to check on their parents. Poor Damon he has to stay home and work :( Livi and I are really going to miss him. This is the longest we will have been apart since his mission. I'm really excited though to go and see my grandparents. Really the only reason I get to go is because of Livi, my dad would take her without me if he knew that wouldn't put me into hysterics. Hope everyone has a great couple of weeks, and I'll be sure to come back with lots of photos.