“Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.” ~Gillian Anderson

Friday, June 19, 2009


Sophie turned 6 weeks on Wednesday, I can't believe how fast time is going by. Its seems to me like I was pregnant forever and now she is already six weeks. Damon started his second semester of nursing school, only 3 more to go! So we will once again not be seeing much during the day, yesterday though we went to his school and had lunch with him so that was fun. I think we will try to do that every couple of weeks. Sophie is doing well, last night was a rough one she had slept way to much during the day and then didn't want to go to sleep until 2:30 A.M. as you can imagine I am beat today. Other than that, she is such a sweet little baby, she really just wants to be cuddled alot. We call her our little snug bug. Olivia is doing great, and I would say is pretty much potty trained now, YAY. She only wears underwear now, and even wears it when we go out and about. My dad was here for a few days and then he went to England yesterday for a Rotary Conference and to see the grandparents. It was fun having him here and Olivia was very glad to see him, she wouldn't leave him alone. We only wish that Nanny could have come to. Anyway we took him to the airport yesterday, and Olivia was in underwear the whole trip. She did really good. After we dropped of my dad we went to Damon's school to have lunch with him, well we were about 10-15 minutes away when she told me that she needed to go potty. I was really worried that she might not make it, but she did. Yay. I'm so happy for her. She still wears diapers at night when she goes to sleep but other than that it is just undies. Well that is the happenings as of lately. Enjoy that pictures.

Friday, June 12, 2009


So I'm so excited right now. I have just made from scratch, bread rolls, and they are delicious. They came out so big. I have now officially tackled yeast. These bread rolls are famous in our home and among many friends and churchgoers in Lakeview. We call them Kelly's bread rolls. Simply because Kelly, my mom's best friend, its her recipe. I'm so glad they turned out good, now Damon and I don't have to wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas, for either my mom or Kelly to make them for us. I really feel like a homemaker now, I can make BREAD!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So the first picture is of me and the next one is of Sophie. I think that she looks quite a bit like I did as a baby. Then the next photo is of me and my sister Megan going on a motorcycle carnival ride, I thought that it would be cute to post a picture of me on one and then years later one of my daughter on the same ride, or close to the same ride.

The Happenings

This a picture of Olivia plugging her ears during the parade because it was to noisy for her.

Well lets see, this last weekend was the Pony Express Days for Eagle Mountain. Its our big fair and carnival. Friday night we went to the movie in the park which was lots of fun. Then Saturday there was a parade and then at the amphitheater in our subdivision they had a country concert with Josh Gracin and Daryl Worley. We didn't want to pay to go see them, so we went to our friends house for a BBQ and there backyard faces the park where the concert was. So we sat on their back porch and listened, it was lots of fun. We didn't stay for the end of the concert, but at 11:30 they had a fire works. I sat in our bathroom on the edge of the tub and watched it. All the rest of the family was asleep.
Olivia also rode on carnival rides for the first time this last weekend, and she really liked it. She would have stayed all day going on the same rides, but luckily for me we had to be somewhere. I don't know what it is about carnivals, but I'm just not a fan. Maybe its the carnies that kind of gross me out, no I know it is the carnies.
We had a WIC appointment this week, and since it was the first time for Sophie she had to get registered so they weighed and measured her. She weighs 9lbs12oz and was 21 inches long. 75%centile for weight and 50Th for height. She is a little chub, she is only one month and is a pound and 12 ounces heavier. It is so strange for me to have a chubby baby, Olivia was so little for so long. Sophie just likes to eat all the time. I'll nurse her which is never enough so then after I have nursed her she will eat at least 2ounces if not more, usually more.
We are doing good, I'm exhausted most days and would love to have just a couple of more hours of sleep. Olivia is doing great potty training, she is in underwear everyday now, the only time she isn't is when we go out. I don't know what your supposed to do when you go out. Do I keep her in her undies? Other than that she is doing fantastic, she gets a mini marshmallow for going potty, 1 for pee, 2 for poo, so that has been a big push at getting her to go. She loves mini marshmallows. I'm so glad though that she is getting there. I love not having to change her diaper during the day!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

4 Weeks.

Sophie today at 4 weeks.

Olivia on Sunday, I love this dress and cardigan. Got it in England. I love how her hair looks with the hair clip.

Wow Sophie is already four weeks today, crazy. Both the kiddies are asleep right now, so instead of cleaning up all the toys, I decided I would do some blogging about some of the stuff that Sophie has been doing and some of the stuff Livi has been doing. Sophie is doing really good. She seems to be really strong. The other night, Damon was holding her and she was holding her head up so good. She is sleeping pretty good for the most part, if she's not asleep though she just wants to be held. So most days I have my sling on and just have her in that, so I can still do things around the house. She is getting some chub, mostly on her face and belly(she's like her mom). We tried a different formula this last week, it seemed to make her pretty gassy so we are switching to what we were using before. Hopefully this will help her. All in all she is doing great. She sleeps so much usually that I can't really complain about her being difficult. The poor kid though, Olivia barely leaves her alone. She is constantly trying to give her kisses. This would be okay if they were soft kisses, but no they are the smother you can't breathe kisses. Oh and just today Olivia decided that she could pick up Sophie. I was in the kitchen finishing loading the dishwasher, and Olivia tells me that she can carry Sophie. I look over at her and sure enough she has picked her up. I tried not to freak out, I really didn't want Olivia to just drop her, which she did but it was back into her chair, so she wasn't hurt. Now I'm really going to have to watch Olivia.
Speaking of Olivia she has been going on the potty the last 2 days with no accidents. I'm so excited. She even took a nap yesterday with just underwear on, and woke up from it and went on the potty. We are making headway. There is no turning back now, I'm getting her potty trained. I went with the girls yesterday to Walmart, with Olivia in underwear, and I got her lots of little presents. She gets to pick one out every evening for going on the potty all day. Somethings she has are bracelets, smackers chap sticks(she loves those), a play phone, a little bouncy ball. Then she also picked out a new movie "Bolt", and if she goes on the potty all week, she gets that movie. I have it sitting on a shelf above our stove, where she can see it all the time. So last night she picked out the play phone for her to have. Today she has been telling me that she wants lipstick. She is doing so good, and hopefully this will work. She seems to be responding well to it, all we had to do was bribe her with things that she wants. Such a girl is she.
Other than that life is going good, we are excited for it to be summer here. Where we live there is an amphitheater at our subdivision. In the summer they do concerts there and every Friday they do movies in the park there. So this Friday is the first one, so were excited to go and watch that.
Oh and I also went to church this Sunday with both girls and it was just me, and I survived!