“Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.” ~Gillian Anderson

Saturday, April 25, 2009

No Baby...

There will be no baby coming this weekend, unless she decides to come on her own(which is highly unlikely). I had a doc. appt. yesterday, my blood pressure was okay and I had no protein so that is good. But because I had been having really bad headaches, he sent me to the hospital to, for them to run some blood work and to get an ultrasound to make sure I wasn't loosing any amniotic fluid. Everything came back good, so they gave me a shot of morphine for the headache and sent me on my way. The morphine worked wonders, although the nurse who gave me the shot wasn't very careful with it, she pretty much just stabbed me, I think it was one of the most painful shots I've every had. Having the morphine in my system, I was out for about 3 hours and then went back to bed really early and slept like a baby the rest of the night. It was so nice. So anyway no baby, the doctor is hoping we can make it to 38 weeks. Which if we do that will put this baby to come around May 6. So if that happens, we will have our anniversary the 5, this baby the 6 and then Olivia's birthday the 7. Or it will come on Olivia's birthday. We'll see though.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My bags are packed.

So I had a doctors appt. this last Tuesday. My blood pressure was high and I had protein, so they did my blood pressure two more times and it was still high. The doctor also checked me and I'm 1centimeter dilated and 30%effaced. This baby is gonna come early if we want her to or not. Were glad that I'm already starting to dilate that way if I do get induced it should go alot quicker than it did with Olivia. The baby looks good and her heartbeat is good, I've just got the beginning signs of preclampsia. The doctor told me if I have any bad headaches to give him a call. Well yesterday I had a really bad one, they had me come in and there was no protein and my blood pressure was ok. So frustrating. I have though been put on light bed rest, the doctor wants me taking it easy and really only getting up to go the bathroom and to make stuff to eat. The good news is though that my mom is flying in tonight to help out. I'm so glad, it is getting really hard to keep caught up on laundry and other household chores. I have to go back to the doctors on Friday to check my blood pressure and all that stuff again. Damon and I have been talking though and we've decided that if my blood pressure is high and I have protein that we are going to ask the doctor if I can be induced this weekend. I'm 36 weeks, and with my mom being here it would just be so much easier. I was induced with Olivia at just at 37 and she was 7lbs4oz. So I'm not worried that this baby will be tiny, I don't think I can have tiny babies. We'll see though what he says. Well thought I would just give you all an update. I'll let you know what happens. Oh and we got Olivia a charm bracelet for the baby to give to her. It is super cute and has a little pink butterfly charm. I think she will love it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


My mom told me about this lady and it is amazing. You have to watch it. She is on Brittains Got Talent (like the X Factor over here), it is so good, I love watching all the peoples reactions.


Totally shows you can't judge a book by its cover. It gives me goose bumps, everytime I watch it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Visit...

My parents came down last Tuesday to spend the week with us and to get some stuff done around the house. We knew they were coming down but we didn't know was on Wednesday I had a eye doctors appt. so the took Olivia with them to do some errands and one place they went was out to the airport. I thought they were just going out there to get stuff set up for my little sister for when she goes to the Dominican Republic this summer, but they also went to pick up my sister Emma her husband Steve and my adorable niece Elizabeth(Betty). When my parents got home they walked in with Olivia and then my dad was holding a little girl, it took me a minute to figure out who it was. I was so excited to see Betty she is so stinking cute and just so sweet and she loves me so we have lots of fun together. Olivia loved having her cousin here to play with her. They played pretty well together for the most part. Olivia would sometimes invade Betty's space to much and Betty would definitely let her know. They left on Tuesday, so we had a fun and fast paced week with all my family. It was great to see Emma's husband we hadn't seen him since May, he is so much fun to be around and we love it when Steve gets to come to. He usually has to work. I'm exhausted from them being here, yesterday Olivia and I sat in front of the t.v. all day in our pajamas and took naps. It was so nice. While the family was here I had a doctors appt. my blood pressure was ok, but I had protein in my urine, which is another sign of preclampsia. The doctor is going to start seeing me weekly now just to be safe. Damon and I are pretty sure that this baby is going to be coming early. My swelling has gotten alot worse. If we can wait just a couple of more weeks, that will be great. Well that was our week, we had a great time seeing all my family. Can't wait till we can all get together again.

This is a picture of the guys outside burning all the sagebrush in the front and back yards. We have alot of yard work to do this spring.

These last two pictures of Betty I took one day while her parents were out and about and I got to babysit. I love these pictures, so cute. Look at those cute dimples.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Okay so I have made this baby a quilt for Olivia to give to her when she is born. I'll post pictures of it when its all done still have a little bit left to do. Damon and I both agree that we need to make the transition for Olivia becoming a sister as smooth as possible. The other thing we want to do is have the baby give a present to Olivia so that Olivia feels it is a special day for her to. The only thing is, is that I can't think of anything to get for Olivia. I want it to be something special that she can always have, but I don't know how to do that without spending alot of money. So this is where you guys come in. I need your ideas. Damon thought that maybe I should make a quilt for Olivia also but I'm not sure if I'll have enough time to do that. Especially if this baby comes early. I just thought of something though, I could make her a pillow case that says something like "best big sister" on it. So if you have any ideas I would really appreciate them. Thanks.
Oh that picture of Olivia was taken last summer, I just think it is so cute.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We had the opportunity to go to the New York Utica mission reunion last night. That's where Damon served his mission. Its the first one that he has actually ever got to attend so he was very excited to see old companions and too see his old mission president and his wife. It was so great for me to finally meet President Mullen(his mission president) and Sister Mullen. As we met them and they were telling me how great a missionary was. I couldn't help but being so grateful that Damon decided to go and serve a mission. I know for a fact that Damon would not be the man he is today if it wasn't for the things he learned on his mission. As many of you know Damon and I were a couple before he left for his mission. I was so devastated when he left that I probably cried for about a week. I thought 2 years would be the longest 2 years of my life. I laugh now because it seemed so silly, but I was young and in love. I remember though the letters he would send me and they were amazing. You could see his testimony grow with each letter. When he did come home 2 years later, I could barely recognize him. Yes he looked the same but his countenance was so different, he was so humble so knowledgeable in the Gospel.
From this Damon has learned so much about the Gospel. I think it is amazing how much he knows and understands. When ever I have questions, I know that if I ask Damon he will be able to tell me what I need to know, or where to go in the scriptures to find my answer. I love how we can have great Gospel discussions and he can really make me think about certain things.

I guess my whole point about this post is that if it wasn't for Damon going on a mission, I would not have the amazing man as my husband today. I often tease him that if the church decided to send married men out to serve missions, that Damon would be the first one to go and say he would go. Last night though I saw why he is like that. While President Mullen was telling me how great of a missionary Damon was, I thought to myself, yeah he was a great missionary because of the people he met and the work he put into his mission. He was a hard working missionary who put everything into it. I know that we have had and still will have many blessings to come to our family because of the 2 years that Damon sacrificed to serve the Lord.
Okay that's it for now, I really just wrote this so I would remember how great last night was.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt...

So we have had quite the week. Last Saturday we went to a Easter egg hunt that the church was putting on. It started at 9:30a.m. and with feeding us breakfast of muffins and hot chocolate and then dividing all the kids up into the appropriate age group. Then starting the egg hunt which with probably about 500 eggs(candy filled eggs) maybe more the whole thing was over by 10am. The kids literally cleared the field in about 1minute. It was so funny. Olivia loved it.

Also this week I had a doctors appointment. Well they took my blood pressure and it was high. They took it three times before they got a number they were kinda ok with. Well my doctor is concerned because I had preclampsia with Olivia, which I guess I'm more likely to get since I've already had it. So he told me to just pay attention to swelling and my vision and headaches. Well the next day I had the worst headache. I called the doctors office and the doctor told me to go to the hospital to make sure I didn't have preclampsia. Got Olivia all loaded up and headed to the hospital. They hooked me up to the machines and monitored me for about an hour. My blood pressure was all over the place, but luckily I didn't have any protein in my urine. Most likely if I had protein in my urine. They probably would have induced right then, and I am only at 33 weeks. So after about an hour they gave me some Tylenol for my headache and sent us on our way, with being told to follow up with my doctor at my next appointment. I have an appointment in 2 weeks, most likely if my blood pressure is still high he will probably wait a week and then I'll probably get induced. Which would mean that I would be around 36 weeks.

Okay enough about me, here are pictures of Olivia at the Easter egg hunt.
*This first photo is of all the 1-3 age group kids there for the egg hunt.
*Then that is Olivia up front in the pink hoodie getting her first couple of eggs. Damon said that after this she threw down her bucket and just started grabbing eggs.

*Then these next couple of pictures of Olivia and her mad collecting skills. We have decided after this that she is quiet competitive. Damon had to tell her a couple of times that she couldn't get an egg because a little kid was already reaching for it. Tell her its a race and she is vicious. Just like my little sister.

*This her bucket after it was all over.

* This is how excited she was for all the eggs she got.

*Then this last photo is for my parents. They bought her some summer clothes and this was one of the outfits. She loved this big sister t-shirt. She was excited for all the clothes. She changes her clothes about 4 times a day. Definitely my daughter.

Well that has been our week. Olivia is getting more and more excited for this baby to be here. She asks me daily if baby sister will be coming today. I on the other hand after going to the hospital, promptly came home and made a list of all the things I need to get done before this baby arrives. I'm not nearly as prepared about this baby as I was with Olivia. Must be due to the fact that I have 2 year old to take care of.