“Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.” ~Gillian Anderson

Friday, March 27, 2009

too funny.

Tonight when we were saying prayers Olivia wanted to say them. So I helped her and she said the normal stuff like thank you for this day, thank you for our blessings. Well then at the end she says "please bless that we watch movies tomorrow". Too Funny I was dying laughing, Damon had to help finish the prayer because I was laughing to hard. Also tonight we went to Carls Jr. for dinner, they have the best indoor play area for kids. Well for the drive home Damon and I got milkshakes. Olivia wanted some and kept on asking for ice cream soup. To cute, she sure does come up with the funniest sayings.

Michelle on your comment on the last post about names. We have thought of using my middle name Frances, well I have at least, but Damon isn't to fond of it. I have never though thought of Elizabeth, Sophie Elizabeth is cute, we'll see though. Thanks for the suggestions.

Whats in a name.

Well as I get closer to this baby girls due date, I start to panic that we don't have a name picked out yet. I then reassure myself that with Olivia we were the same way, we knew we liked Olivia but we couldn't decide on a middle name until she was born. Well I think it will the be the same thing with this one. Our number one pick for the first name is Sophie, we think Olivia and Sophie just fit so well together. As for middle names Damon likes Corinne, I think that's its okay. I really like Kate, and Olivia, well Olivia has been telling us from the beginning that it is Addison. NO idea where she got that from she just likes Addison. I think Sophie Addison would be nice seeing that Olivia would have picked it, but Damon doesn't like the idea of Olivia picking the name. We are still considering family names as the middle name like Lynne(which is my moms middle name) or Anne(which would kind of be after his mom and his sister Anna). I don't know though it is just so confusing and hard.

I also am really big on what the names mean. So Sophie means wisdom, and Kate means pure. So I think that would be nice her wisdom is pure.
Who knows though.
A name that we thought for sure that we would do if we had another girl is Carys, its a welsh name and it means to love. We thought having a daughter with a Welsh name would be nice just like her mom does. I have a real fear though that nobody in America would know how to pronounce it and she would have to go through what I go through on a daily basis. Its fine now but as a kid I hated it. Carys is pronounced Ka-ris.

We'll see though I think this little girl will be Sophie. But you never know she could be born and look like something completely different we'll have to wait and see. Oh I also like Sophie Grace. See just too many choices.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I thought I would post a pregnancy photo of me, I really don't like getting photos taken while I'm pregnant I just think I look yucky. I had Damon take a photo of me though after church last Sunday because I was feeling cute. He didn't get my shoes but I had some really cute ones on that I got from England a couple of years ago. I'm 30 weeks prego in this photo, I'm now 31. I'm proud to say that I have only gained 13 lbs. this whole pregnancy. I'm so excited about that with Olivia I gained way to much and it was so hard to loose. I'm hoping to only gain about 10 more, with all these stairs I'm climbing everyday in our house I think I'm getting plenty of exercise.

I also had my first doctors appointment this week since we moved here. Everything looks good, my blood pressure has been perfect this pregnancy so that is good news. My doctor seems to be really nice and I think we made a good choice. I was really nervous about picking a doctor, we loved our doctor in Lakeview, if I was rich I would probably have flown him to Utah to deliver this baby, he is an amazing doctor. After my appointment we decided to go and find the hospital that I would be delivering at just to get an idea of how far it is and where it is. Living in Eagle Mountain your kind of considered to be out in the country, so the closet hospital is only 20 minutes away which having grown up and lived in Lakeview that is NOTHING! I'll be delivering at the American Fork hospital. It looks pretty new and is so nice inside. They gave us a tour of the delivery floor, which they normally don't do. It is so much fancier than the little hospital that we have in Lakeview, Damon and I were pretty impressed.

While we were at the doctors we also had an appointment for Olivia because she has had this nasty cough since we got back from England that won't go away and it seemed to be getting worse. Well they did some x-rays and it turns out she has pneumonia! Poor thing, I felt horrible that we hadn't taken her in earlier, but with moving and all that's been going on we just figured that it would just go away. So they got her on an antibiotic and hopefully she will be all better in a couple of weeks. They will do x-rays again in a month just to see if it is all cleared up. She did so good during the x-rays and stood really still. They gave her lots of stickers and a sucker when she was all done so she was quite happy.

Damon took Olivia to the park the other day and this is what she came out wearing. She said she couldn't go without wearing a hat.

Oh you know how a couple of posts of ago I was telling you how large our new ward is. Well we thought that being in a ward that large we could go unnoticed for awhile before we got callings. Wrong, so wrong. Our second Sunday there, yes second Sunday we get callings. We are now the Cub Scout group den leaders for the bear den. Yup that's right we have about 15 nine year old boys that we get to be with once a week. It is quite an experience. We've only met with them twice so far we meet with them again tonight. Last night was so funny though we had only 3 boys show up, and I though Damon was going to pull his hair out, and they were only here for an half an hour. I told Damon after they left that we won't ever complain about having girls again. You would think that I would have a harder time with them, coming from just having sisters, but I thought they acted like regular 9 year olds. It must have been those years as a swim coach that I'm used to it.

Wow this is a huge post, sorry about the novel.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So my daughter is so stubborn. We have been trying for months to get her potty trained. She will have nothing to do with it unless it is her idea. That how she is about most things in life. She is very independent. Well last week, we had this brilliant idea that if she went on the potty all day she could go swimming the next day. She thought that was a good idea but it got even sweeter when my little sister Megan said that she would come with us. Olivia then went on the potty all day, and didn't have an accident once. She is such a stinker. Well we took her swimming and she went potty at the pool bathrooms too. The next day when she knew the deal was over she refuses to go on the potty. So I've been trying to tell her that she can go swimming again if she goes on the potty everday, she's not buying it. This kid wants instant gratification. I really think she could be pottytrained, but she just wants to wait and see what kind of deal Damon and I will come up with. I have a feeling that we will always have to use bribary with her.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I finally joined the crowd.

I did it, I joined Facebook. I've been on myspace for along time, but I just kept on hearing how great Facebook was. Well since my little sister is on it and my parents and the Damon joined, I figured I might as well. Go find me and make me your friend if I haven't found you already. Now my family just needs to wrangle in Emma and Steve and we would have the whole gang.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fun Day at the Pool...

So if you know us at all, you will know that we love the water. Growing up and doing swim team, life guarding and then coaching swim team I just have always loved to be in the water. When I was pregnant with Olivia I wanted her so badly to love the water as much as I do. Well I think I got my wish. Olivia LOVES the water. We found this past weekend that Lehi, which is about 10 minutes away from us, has a great indoor water center. Yesterday we took Olivia there, needless to say she loved it. We actually spent about 4 hours there. They have such great stuff for kids. With kiddie slides, and forts and swings that were in the water. The whole facility is just amazing. This is definitely a highlight of living by big cities. I've always wanted to live somewhere where I could take my kids swimming in the middle of the winter, and now I can. We had so much fun. I think this will be a regular hot spot for our family to go to. Oh and that big bucket fills up with water and dumps it about every 3 minutes, well poor Olivia and I weren't paying attention and got caught up under it. Olivia got a little scared, actually once the water let up a little she ran into my arms. This place is just so neat. Damon and I had just as much fun as Olivia did. Hope you like the pictures.